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I know a Gal Housesitting Petsitting Okotoks

Whether a hand while on vacation, or for work, because you're just too busy or in an emergency, I know a gal can help

I provide compassionate animal care, and reliable housesitting services, and I can help you complete your to-do list. 


Remove some of your stress, on yourself, your pets, and the imposition on neighbors, friends, and family, I know a Gal can help! or cat sitter

save the pet-stress, I know a gal

It can be stressful on your pets when you are away 'I know a gal' helps alleviate some of that stress by providing in-house care, keeping your pet's schedule, and ensuring your pet is given much-needed consistency, attention and care while you are away.

...I need a housesitter

Little things take the stress out of going away, whether it's watching your home, collecting doorstep items or tending to your prize-winning garden!

Housesitter Pink Sofa

why you need to know I know a gal

You know when you meet people and you ask 'hey, do you know someone that could...' and they say 'I know a gal' that's the story behind I know a gal, because we all know someone there to help us out, and someone we are happy to refer. 

If you have something that needs to be done, I know a gal can help!


I'm your GAL

I'm Dulcee

I know a gal was developed because of my passion for being of service to others, pets, and my love for our community. 


Finding a qualified and insured, mature, and responsible individual to take care of your home and pet seemed to be a challenge, which also matches what I love doing, so this is a natural next evolution for me. 

I have always loved pets, and after spending the last 15+ years of my life caring for people's homes, I am happy to offer my services in Okotoks, Calgary and the Foothills area.


How can I help? 

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